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Congrats to Blayne for becoming an ARCS Fellow!

Congrats to Chet and Boyuan on their book chapter ‘Bone Mechanics in Cancer’, now In Press!

Latest Publication

Wang W, Sarazin BA, Kornilowicz G and Lynch ME (2018). “Mechanically-Loaded Breast Cancer Cells Modify Osteocyte Mechanosensitivity by Secreting Factors That Increase Osteocyte Dendrite Formation and Downstream Resorption.” Front. EndocrinolClick Here to Read

Liu, B., Han, S., Hedrick, B. P., Modarres-Sadeghi, Y., & Lynch, M. E. (2018). “Perfusion applied to a 3D model of bone metastasis results in uniformly dispersed mechanical stimuli.” Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Click Here to Read

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